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I worked with Naomi in Redwood City, in my management roles there, and now as the Superintendent of Cabrillo Unified.  The role of a public relations advisor is to provide me with strategic advice about what to communicate, when to communicate, and how to communicate.  I expect them to know and understand our district and its unique climate and culture.  Naomi excels at all of these things.  I implicitly trust her judgement and expertise.  I rely on her in both marketing and crisis communication.  I look forward to working with her for many years to come."


Jane Yuster


Cabrillo Unified School District



I had the pleasure of working with Naomi as we announced changes in leadership for our school district. It was an important time to instill confidence in our community. Naomi is a strategic thought partner with deep expertise in community engagement, messaging and positioning. I turn to Naomi for her counsel on solving tricky issues and building trust with our community, and also get quality written materials to support our communication strategy.


Eirene Chen

President, Board of Trustees, 2017-18 

San Carlos School District


Naomi spearheaded a highly successful rebranding and marketing effort that transformed our school district and continues to reap benefits today. Her expertise in communications and social media enables her to achieve results that are immediate and effective. As Superintendent, I depended on Naomi’s deep understanding of the challenges and successes of public education and her ability to communicate this knowledge clearly and effectively to all stakeholders. Her experience handling communications during times of crisis and her ability to successfully navigate sensitive issues has been an invaluable asset to our district. Naomi’s decisiveness, her confidence, her high energy, and her sense of humor make her a joy to work with. 


Dr. John Baker


Redwood City School District



I have had the honor and privilege of working with Naomi since 2007 when I joined the Redwood City School Board and many more years before that when we were both volunteering for the Redwood City Education Foundation.  You could not ask for a better person to help you with strategic thinking, communication, and building trust with your community.  Naomi was a critical player on our leadership team for ten years working closely with the school board and the Superintendent on most school district activities.  Naomi is thoughtful, articulate, and collaborative in her approach to her work.  Naomi helped us build trust with our community and in the process pass two parcel taxes and a bond measure bringing in much needed funds for critical education programming. We have had successful community and parent involvement in our district initiatives and we have received many Federal, State, and Local awards in large part to the work of her and her team.


Alisa MacAvoy

School Board Trustee

Redwood City School District



Naomi takes the time to understand the community, its needs and values, and brings that understanding to her communications recommendations and materials.  She helped Redwood City School District change its community image by ensuring community members were kept informed, understood its strengths, and knew what to expect. 

Shelly Masur | Chief Executive Officer
Californians Dedicated to Education
Council Member, 
City of Redwood City
Former Trustee
Redwood City School District

I had the great pleasure of working with Naomi at Redwood City School District (RCSD) from 2007 to 2012.  This was the most challenging time in the State budget that negatively impacted school districts in California, including RCSD.  Naomi patiently navigated the most difficult task of effectively communicating the state of the District’s budget to the community, staff, and the School Board in honest, simple, and clear terms.  Her communication techniques played a major role and paved the way for the parcel tax victory in 2012.  Our professional collaboration made a long-lasting impact on my career and helped me to become a better communicator.  


Raul Parangao

Associate Superintendent

Fremont Unified School District

Naomi serves with me on the California School Public Relations Association Board. She is a seasoned PR professional who exemplifies the practice of ethical strategic communications. She is a wise counselor with a proven track record of designing and implementing effective public relations campaigns for diverse audiences.


Music Watson, APR

Immediate Past President

California School Public Relations Association,
Chief Communications Officer
San Diego County Office of Education



Naomi’s commitment and passion for education and the children of Redwood City, and her enduring belief that RCSD deserved and could achieve victory in a parcel tax election was an inspiration to everyone who worked on three winning campaigns for RCSD.


Sarah Stern-Benoit

Former Partner

TBWB Strategies



It's such a joy to work with Naomi! She made RCSD better because of her professionalism, and always going the extra mile.  She is creative, responsive, and caring.


Chris Beth

Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services

City of Redwood City


As an educational columnist I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Naomi on several published pieces. It was a personal and professional pleasure. Naomi is an insightful wordsmith whose persuasive talents and natural optimism is evident throughout her writing. She is a fastidious editor who persistently keeps her audience in mind while crafting and re crafting her pieces. I thoroughly enjoy writing with Naomi and reading her many varied compositions.


Margaret Lavin
Former Education Columnist
San Mateo County Times
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