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Naomi Hunter Communications helps school districts, colleges and universities, government agencies, non-profit organizations and small businesses accomplish their goals by building relationships of trust with the public.

Over a 25-year career in the public and private sectors, Naomi Hunter has learned that listening and responding to the public are at the core of gaining and maintaining support for your organization's mission. Without the trust of your community, it is impossible to achieve your goals—and communication that is attuned to your community is essential to building trust. Most organizations strive to communicate clearly and transparently, but they do not always have the expertise or capacity to do so. Naomi Hunter Communications can help you develop a communications strategy, a step-by- step plan to achieve your communication goals, and provide you with the resources to implement it, whether you are seeking to increase overall support for your organization, address a specific problem, or launch a new project, initiative or product.

Naomi and her team of experts in public relations and marketing, media relations, social media, reputation management, community engagement, project management, crisis communications, culturally-sensitive communications, budget communications, customer service, graphic design, photography and videography, can come alongside your team and provide a full-range of professional communication services tailored to your needs.


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